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Jakob: Become frustrated.

As previously mentioned, you are a BOY named JAKOB and you HATE PEOPLE sometimes. You're usually a pretty NICE GUY, though every once in a while you can be sort of a HUGE DICK. You are the HEIR OF DOOM and a little too proud of this. It's really annoying, actually. You turned 18 way back in NOVEMBER, which makes you a SCORPIO. You will frequently BLOG about your BORING LIFE and FRIENDS even though you know that no one really cares about that too much. You also keep up with a variety of FANDOMS, but try not to get too involved. Remarkably, you have all of your FR QUDRNTS filled despite not having a life.

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Posted at 11:43am on July 10th - 0 NOTES

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call me up before youre dead, we can make some plans instead. send me an im, ill be your friend.

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